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Melanoma Surgery Naples

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Melanoma Surgery Naples

Melanoma, often due to sun exposure, is the most serious of the skin cancers.  The diagnosis is usually made by a skin biopsy.  Definitive treatment of the melanoma requires surgery.  There are usually 3 parts to the surgery:

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Melanoma Surgery Naples


  1. Wide excision: The melanoma is excised along with additional skin to obtain a clear margin
  2. Closure of the defect: Due to the wide margin excised, the skin can often not be closed by sutures alone. Therefore, a flap is created, mobilizing adjacent skin to cover the defect.  If the defect is too large for a flap, a skin graft will often be applied.
  3. Sentinel lymph node dissection: Particularly when the melanoma is over 1 mm in thickness, a sentinel lymph node dissection is performed. The lymphatic drainage from the melanoma goes to one of the lymph node basins, often the underarm area or the groin.  A specific lymph node in this area, the sentinel lymph node, is removed to determine if there has been lymphatic spread.

The above procedure is performed at one setting, in an operating room, under general anesthesia.  It is a same-day surgery and you will go home the same day.  Activity after surgery will be limited anywhere from 10 to 30 days.



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Melanoma Surgery Naples
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