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Mammosite Placement

Delivering Quicker Recovery with Less Pain

MammoSite is brachytherapy, localized radiation therapy, that is utilized in patients undergoing a lumpectomy. Instead of undergoing 6 weeks of post-operative whole breast irridiation, the radiation therapy is delivered via a balloon catheter in the breast over only 1 week. At the time of initial surgery, a space-saving balloon is placed in the breast. The patient will notice a catheter exiting the breast, below the dressings. Once the final pathology results are obtained, the patient wiill return to Dr. Liberman’s office. With the help of some local anesthetic, the catheter will be removed and the Mammosite inserted. After one week of radiation therapy, the catheter wil be removed. Not all patients are candidates.


1. One week vs six weeks of radiation therapy

2. Improved cosmesis


1. There is no 20 year data. Currently, the data is 8 years old and shows no difference in local recurrence from traditional whole breast irradiation.

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