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Colon Cancer Naples

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Colon Cancer Naples

Colon Cancer Naples

Colon Cancer Naples

What Is Laparscopic Colon Surgery?

Traditional colon surgery required large pelvic or abdominal incisions which often lead to a rather lengthy recovery time. However advancements in our Naples Colon Surgery processes and technology allow our surgeons to perform colon surgery with several small incisions instead of the larger ones required previously. The term associated with such advanced laparoscopic colon surgery is often called “minimally invasive.”

Naples Colon Surgery using Laparoscopic Methods can often resolve:

– Appendicitis
– Benign / malignant colon & rectal polyps / tumors & malignancies (cancer)
Colon volvulus (colon obstruction caused by displacement or twisting of the intestines)
– Diverticular disease (diverticulitis)
– Inflammatory bowel disease (Chrohn / ulcerative colitis)
– Rectal prolapse (rectal tissue relaxes or no longer supported by surrounded muscle)
– Severe constipation

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Colon Cancer Naples
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